Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a little ketchup

Oops I meant catchup.
I've been to several doctors, yet again. I'm now being sent to a pain management doctor!
That's the one I've been looking forward to seeing. That's the happiness doctor.
Me likey!
I saw a doctor today. He's as old as time. I think he even witnessed the big bang!
So he really didn't completely understand everything I've been going through.
Though he is one of the first doctors to BELIEVE me and the amount of pain I'm in daily!
YAY! Go Father Time! Go! Go! Go Father Time!!!!
He said most likey I have fibromyalgia. DUH!!!!!

The kids have been doing well. They are very happy their daddy is back.
Plus I think my daughter is a lesbian.
Let me explain.
Dave about a week ago told Violet to "Say Paci!" (For her pacifier. Yes she's still using a pacifier- BITE ME! No really! I don't give a shit)
"Say Paci, Violet. Say Paci" Dave kept saying.
Her response "PUSSY!"
Very very clearly.
Dave then asked Violet "Violet are you a lesbian?" Joking around.
Her answer "Chu Cha! ( Spanish for pussy) Yup yup! Go go go!!!!"

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. That's my daughter. Fucking hilarious, right?!!!! And so fucking AWESOME!
I'm probably the only pro-gay parent in my whole neighborhood. Other than Dave, of course.
Like I said before, I'm Bisexual. I came out of the closet when I was 16 years old.
No one welcomed me, that's for sure. There wasn't any parade for me. Sad, right?
But that was a loooooooooooong time ago.
Most of my friends are still shocked to this day, how I ended up married to a man with two kids. Domesticated.
A former "free spirit".
But right now, I'm getting way off topic.
Dave and I are working things out between us. We are working on our marriage now.
Our kids seem a lot happier because of it.
He's become a better dad and better husband. and everyday he's still working on it, like painting the Sistine Chapel....o' love.

Yesterday we had an argument. My sister got worried, because she thought I was going to throw him out, just because we had a fight.
I told her." No, one fight isn't going to end everything. He realized he was wrong and I was right."
He very quickly added "Yep!"
We all laughed. And that was the end of the night.

The fight had increased my pain 100 times more.
The pain has been SO intense! Crippling really. It seems to continue to get worse. Not better.
Oh joy. Lucky me, right?
I started re-reading my fave nutrition books, "Real Food".
I'm gonna try following it again. I strongly agree with the author. She's very inspiring.
I'll try anything right now. Plus I'd really like to add some serious muscle relaxers to the mix. Anything to dull the pain, right now would help.
RIGHT FUCKING NOW. But I got none.

My chest was hurting so fucking bad last night, I couldn't sleep. Or even think straight. I thought I was having a heart attack.
I quickly woke up Dave to get me an aspirin. I chewed it and it helped.
But afterwards I was sore for hours, while I watched Dave snoring away, like an animal, next to me.
I still am looking for a good heart doctor, and one that takes my shitty insurance.
Not an easy thing to do.

The search continues.

Oh on a quick note- My kiddie pool decided to become a flying saucer, and flew away into the sky and then into the street!!!
We then had to kill it and put it out of it's misery.
If you hear of any UFO sightings- it might have been my kiddie pool.

The way my sister told my mom " Hey Mom, guess what was NOT on the patio."
My answered "What?"
My sister replied "The kiddie pool. Guess what's in the middle of the street! THE KIDDIE POOL!"

Too fucking funny!!!!

Kisses my beautiful Bitches!!!!!

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    I'm just glad things are starting to make sense, both in your health and marriage. The only thing that matters to me is if your ok (I wont say healthy cause hell hasn't frozen over and happy.
    If you guys are happy the kids will be happy, if you are guys ok, the kids will be ok, if your not, the kids are not. Most people can't do it together, but you guys never were like most people so if anyone can, you two can.
    My Brooklyn super heroes...:)