Thursday, July 28, 2011

hey people!

How's everybody doing?
Things have been hectic here, so I had no time whatsoever to blog, let alone do anything I enjoy like watch t.v. and movies, read magazines, socialize, you know all the good stuff.
I've been going to sleep freaking early as fuck! At 7 p.m. I'm dropping.
Probably because I'm up at the crack of dawn and doing housework, caring for my kids, making appointments, calling doctors, grocery shopping, cooking, getting hit by my son.

Oh yea, that's nice and new. My son, the violent one.
You all know Violet is a rough and tough kid. She's like the terminator, nothing stops her. No pain, no remorse.
But Levi, my gentle little sensitive son, is now becoming aggressive. Kicking, hitting, biting- you know all the good stuff (just kidding about it being "good stuff" obviously) ;)
He's been having serious tantrums and they last SO LONG.
And even after all this, I still look at my kids like they are angels. They are my sweet peas, always and forever.
I got a box of used toys, from one of Levi's therapists.
She knew Vivi has a new ( and old- from a long long time ago, then got terrified of it for some reason, then fell back in love with) Thomas the train. I don't understand this obsession at all.
But whatever makes her happy, I will do- and tolerate.
So we got a big box of used Thomas the train toys. The kids were so happy.
In the box though were also toy tools from the show bob the builder. Including for reason odd reason, a toy axe. Yeeeeeeeah. Toy axe.
So my daughter took the axe, put a pillow on the living room floor, then stood on the couch still holding the axe, jumped to the floor (like in the movie "300") and then hit the floor with the axe when she landed. She did this over and over and over again. She's a machine!!!
My daughter is MEANT to be an assassin for sure.
Meanwhile my son learned the word "mommy" and now calls every person with tits "Mommy!"
This includes guys with "moobs".
He doesn't discriminate!
Vivi also LOVES saying the word "boobies!" over and over and over again.
Her daddy asked Vivi "Where are the boobies?" And Vivi ran over to me and grabbed mine.

Oh lucky me. Ha ha! 

This whole part of my blog (above) was written July 27th in the morning. I had to stop because Levi was tantruming.

A LOT happened later in the day.
My dad had a procedure in the hospital, he had a radiation seed implanted yesterday- WITHOUT any drugs. OUCH!
Then I found out my grandma had a seizure (well they thought it was a seizure, turned out it wasn't exactly) and was rushed to the hospital again. She has a fever and a UTI. My poor grandma:(
You all know she has dementia by now, so she can't communicate if she's in pain, or really about much for that matter. She doesn't remember me either.
She was in the hospital previously, for surgery, she had parts of her foot removed, due to a massive bone infection and had just gotten home last Thursday.
THEN, after all of that, Dave and I had a fight. A BIG ONE. He's stupid. He knows he was wrong. Everything is gonna be okay, don't worry.

After everything I was exhausted. Very exhausted.
Because of the amount of stress, I went to bed in a lot of pain.
So kill me, if I'm not in a cheery fucking mood.
My family has told me I've been moody lately.
My response, "Fuck off."

Kisses Bitches! Keep on Truckin'

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