Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pet therapy

One of my five dogs,  my furbabies, my loves,  this is Baby. The smallest.  All of them are my family.  It's like having 5 extra children in my house,  and I can't imagine my life without them all! !
All of my dogs were unwanted by others-
They've all become such a huge wonderful part of my family.
Happiness,  comfort,  therapy.
And ALL of them let me know BEFORE I have a seizure.
They are my therapy dogs!
They let me know to get to a safe place in time!
And baby  Always always anyways stays by my side till the seizure is over. It depends how bad it is.  Sometimes all of them will stay by my side,  or some will stay with my kids to comfort them and keep them distracted.

I'm very grateful for my furbabies.
It's been extremely great therapy for my kids as well.
Kids with autism can find great comfort in animals.
Mine do.

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