Sunday, February 24, 2013


I don't care if you agree or not this is my religion. Wiccans believe in no harm to others what so ever.
" Witchcraft is a nature based life affirming religion that follows a moral code and seeks to build harmony among people and empower the self and others"-silver ravenwolf.
I tonight on the full moon will dedicate myself to wiccan religion.
I don't care who this upsets. My life has always upset people. ALWAYS!
I've always disappointed family members over and over again. So what makes tonight different than any other night? Doesn't mean my kids won't celebrate Christmas, their favorite holiday, or easter. They shall be allowed to choose their own religion when the time comes. I'm spiritual in many ways and see why certain aspects of religions work and why others don't. I still say God bless you. Because I believe in a God or goddess. I believe we are all connected the earth, moon and sky. Humans have the power of creation inside them. We all do. We have gifts we are not sinners.
This is me just being honest with you like always. Later on we'll talk about my past. Now that's a story and a half not to make you proud.

Kisses bitches!


  1. Hey Beans!

    It's me udor :)

    Merry meet my friend!

    Wicca and all naturebased shamanistic traditions... well... they ROCK! :)

    Big hug to you and Empress!

  2. Go for it. Spirituality comes in many forms. Harmony with the earth is one of the highest forms.

  3. Mother Earth is a source of wonderful positive energy. Let it flow and heal you.

  4. The lifeforce of the natural world is pure and powerful. We lose part of ourselves when we lose touch with nature.

  5. Put on a cape and connect with the druid ancestors. Druid- man of oak. Blessings and abundance.