Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks to Autism Speaks!

You all know I rarely get out of the house with three kids, let alone have an outing where my kids have to dress up. But Thanks to Autism Speaks, my kids got a chance to meet Santa at Macy's Santa Land. Vivi and Lee would never have gotten a chance to meet Santa if it had not been for this once in a lifetime opportunity Autism Speaks gave us.
We got to meet with Santa before Macy's opened, so no lines and quality time with Santa. No crying or screaming because the line is too long and they are getting anxious. My daughter is known for her panic attacks, as is my son. The day before my wife and I went through all the kids clothes looking for something nice enough to take photos in. We couldn't afford to buy anything new obviously, with a family of nine supported by SSI alone- and barely surviving. Luckily we found a shirt and sweater vest for Lee that was given to us a few months before. We get hand-me-downs and cherish them. Without them my kids would have no clothes! For Vivi we found a dressy summer shirt she never got a chance to wear,leggings and a black skirt- all hand-me-downs. We were not able to bring Lula. My best friend lent me her car (thank goodness) for the day so we could make it to this event. I can't take my kids on public transportation, they freak out- too noisy,too many strangers and too long a ride. They'd be screaming before they even got to Macy's. Our car was flooded by Hurricane Sandy. We've been a full month without a car. Very difficult when the nearest train station is 45 minutes away by bus. All my kids doctors' appointments have been put on hold this month. You know they are seeing lots of doctors, because they all are always sick and have an immune deficiency. They never get opportunities like this - EVER. Lee actually is sick right now and was sick the day he met Santa. He threw up before we left the house. He has a really bad cough with fever, but wanted to meet Santa so badly he wouldn't stay home. All my kids have been watching Christmas movies since September, so they were very excited to meet Santa, the man himself, in PERSON! The look on their faces when they saw him was priceless! Vivi became an angel and put her hands together in the prayer position the whole time, trying to be an angel for Santa I guess. Vivi doesn't speak much. Only a few words here and there, but I could tell she was excited. Her eyes lit up with joy. Lee speaks but was shy in front of Santa and took a little bit of time before he spoke to him. Vivi even SMILED for the photos!!!! She rarely ever smiles in photos or looks at the camera. It was a Christmas miracle. Thanks Santa! Thanks Macy's! Thanks Autism Speaks for this moment our kids and I will never ever forget. Lee is still holding his picture with Santa. For them it was pure magic. We never go into the city since we moved two years ago to Brooklyn. It's too much stimulation and too much room for multiple meltdowns. On this trip- not one meltdown. They were my little angels. Santa's Angels. Thank you Jena at Autism Speaks, for making this event even possible. Vivi and Lee will never ever forget that magical day they went to Santa Land and met with Santa, himself. Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. So glad the kids were able meet the BIG MAN himself. I am sure they were thrilled. What a nice tribute to AUTISM SPEAKS you have posted. I hope they see it.

  2. So happy they had a great time.