Friday, January 27, 2012

Second stage labor?

Wow, Thank goodness for pregnancy apps!!!
It's so much easier to keep track of contractions this way.
Like last night, I had contractions between 2-3 minutes apart.
The app said I was in Second stage labor!

Here's an excerpt from last night's baby performance:

The details of my contractions.

Contractions to average: all
Average Duration: 2m 1s
Labor Stage: Second Stage Labor

Start Time: 22:07:41
End Time: 22:08:07
Duration: 00:00:26
Interval: 3m 7s

Start Time: 22:04:34
End Time: 22:06:23
Duration: 00:01:49
Interval: 2m 44s

Start Time: 22:01:50
End Time: 22:04:12
Duration: 00:02:22
Interval: 1m 57s

Start Time: 21:59:53
End Time: 22:00:49
Duration: 00:00:56
Interval: 2m 35s

Start Time: 21:57:18
End Time: 21:59:24
Duration: 00:02:06
Interval: 3m 23s

But still I wasn't alarmed, I had a feeling it would pass.
And it did! PHEW! An hour and a half later.
You all know how terrified I am of hospitals, so unless I know- THIS IS THE FREAKING DAY I give birth! Then, I ain't going! OR if I feel something is very wrong, then I'll go to the hospital.

I went to the OBGYN the other day, waited in the clinic for almost five hours!!!

Fun, huh?

Not really. I was told I have placenta previa. They apparently found this out three weeks ago from my sonogram, but the technician told me everything was great, nothing was wrong! What an idiot!
Now I have to be extra extra careful, but the doctor did not put me on bed rest.
He just said I should be cautious, and if I start spotting at all, to rush to the hospital.
Oh yea, I've also been sick for over a week, despite taking antibiotics. I'm on another antibiotic treatment now, and if I don't get better quick I have to go to the hospital, because it could be pneumonia!
Oh fucking JOY!
In the same visit, the head doctor of the clinic, suggested I have my tubes tied!
Now just a few minutes before that I met a 26 year old, with three kids ( her kids, same gender count as mine, are crazy close in age to mine and she just gave birth to a girl two months ago.)
They BEGGED her to tie her tubes!!! And she's only 26!!!

Why you ask? Because we are at a clinic, where everyone is poor.
Now you might be an idiot and agree with this,
but let me tell you my point of view.
One, she is very very young!
Two, who's to say she remains poor!!! What if she comes into money, or her husband gets a better job?
Who are you to say that her life won't change for the better????
Are you a muthafuckin' psychic?!
Yeah....didn't fucking think so.
Two, from what I saw, she's an awesome mom! And her kids are so sweet, well behaved and well taken care of.

I noticed financially stable people aren't asked to have their tubes tied!!! Unless there's a serious health problem.
But us poor people, doctors think they can somehow control the growth of population by tying all our tubes.

Also, tying tubes is serious dangerous!
Doctors don't mention that having this done- changes your body and hormones, putting you pretty much into menopause.
They also don't mention that you can still GET PREGNANT in your TUBES! If this happened you will need a complete hysterectomy!!!
This is serious shit!
Despite the fact it's major surgery!!!

I wish the doctor would come to me, from a medical standpoint, that it would be very dangerous for me to have another child, endangering my life, therefore I should have my tubes tied. Instead of-"You're poor! Tie your fucking tubes, bitch!"
I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point!

I'm extremely stressed. The doctor told me that I have to control this, especially because of my placenta previa, but things are nuts here.
I have two kids transitioning into other schools this September, which I'm still working on. Going on tours and whatnot.
Plus they have multiple health problems and I'm trying to get them the best doctors I can, even with medicaid.
This is NOT easy.
Especially when I'm supposed to be taking it easy and enjoy being pregnant.
I wish I knew, it this child was meant to be my last child or not.
If down the road, I'm not meant to have another.
I have high hopes that our lives will be getting better, financially, emotionally and mentally. So who's to say I won't want another kid a few years from now?
I'm only 30. I still have a few good years to have kids, right?

Where's my fairy godmother when I need her???????

Anyways- just thought I'd give y'all an update.
Kisses Bitches,
Love your main, broke as shit, big ass prego bitch!

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  1. It doesnt surprise me at all that they suggested to do that at a clinic. In Puerto Rico they did sterilization. Initially it was recommended and then at one point in the 60s and 70s they were doing it without informing the patient yet no one talks about it.
    When my mom was about 13 or 14 her menstrual cramps were severe. So much so that she would always end up in the hospital. Her grandmother and mother asked a doctor to sterilize her so that she wouldnt have to deal with childbirth in the future and apparently sterilization meant no more cycle. Well because of her age they said no but had no problem removing her ovaries since the reason why she was in pain was because they were covered in fibroids.
    Thankfully though the surgeon in this barrio hospital was a fuck up or else I wouldnt be here. They got rid of one ovary and the other one he only got rid of some of it. When my mom was about 26 she saw spotting and the doctos checked and realized the ovary had not fully developed at the time she had the surgery and that it was there but not to worry it wasnt big enough to conceive. Then mom noticed a few years later her belly growing went to the hospital here in NYC and noticed that she had a benign fibroid and was told that sometimes they grow very big so not to worry. Eventually she became very ill and was rushed to a hospital in Brooklyn where the doctor (who was my grandmas doctor) noticed that INSIDE the tumor was ME! When they got me out I was almost 2 months early. When mom met me I was already a month or so old. Mom was in a coma the entire time.

    Point is, if you are going to have a baby again you will. If you get signs that you shouldnt, you will. Dont let a clinic doctor tell you otherwise. Thre will be a time when you will have the best doctors and be in a good standing that you can make a decision. Being poor brings out the worst in OTHERS because they dont know how to relate all they know is that things are harder for us. Thats it. I got nothing but positivity going your way from my heart.