Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Doctor are morons. TRULY!

I know. I know. It's been awhile since my last post.
And for that I'm sorry.
There's been SO much, actually TOO MUCH going on for quite awhile now.
I've had about two to three doctor appointments for myself every single week.
On my "off" time ( whatever that means) I've been taking care of my kids and their therapies, scheduling appointments for them, having meetings at my daughter's school, cleaning the house and after seven people every second of the day, plus caring for my (early dementia suffering) father who leaves plastic bags near candles and water running, trying desperately to put my feet up occasionally due to the swelling and sciatica, oh and struggling to make ends meet, due to not receiving food stamps for the second month in a row.
I was severely depressed for some time due to all the insane stress I've been under.
Trying to make sure we can pay bills AND buy food.
Hard fucking times.

By the way, I found out the baby in my belly is a GIRL!
I've been having a horrible time with doctors.
Today's appointment was no different. She was a moron, talking to me like I was the moron.
Just because I'm bipolar, doesn't mean I'm an idiot!!!!

I told the doctor repeatedly I didn't feel well, and something didn't seem "right".
She brushed it off, because obviously I'm a moron that has no clue about my own body!
She also told me my "contractions" are probably just...get this...irritable bowel syndrome!
Yeah this doc took the muthafucking cake!!!
First of all, IBS is a REALLY OLD diagnosis, and any doctor ...THAT READS...knows that that diagnosis  in the end usually became a MISDIAGNOSIS!
It was usually something like Chrones disease or Celiac disease, you know things like these. NOT I.B.S.
It's basically a bullshit diagnosis across the board. PERIOD.

Second, I've given birth two previous times...and apparently I have no clue what a contractions feels like, especially when it comes in timed intervals????
What a fucking thundercunt cockjuggler.
I can't STAND her.
Interestingly enough, at the end of the visit when I was in the nurses office, she came barging in saying my white blood cells where very very high!

SEE!!! You fucking Douche!!!!
I also told her my face felt swollen.
It was never ever swollen, during both my pregnancies, even my first one with Violet where I gained a ton of weight.
She just pretended I was crazy and said..."You look the same".
Because apparently she's known me forever???
This is only the second time I've ever met this woman, and the first time I met her was only five days ago!!!

Man, at this point I  should be the fucking doctor.
I've found through lots of evidence I know more about medications and diagnoses than almost all the doctors I've ever met.
Why, you may ask.
Because I can fucking READ.
All the information is out there, in books and on the lovely internet.
Why can't doctors learn new things?????? I'm not being silly- once they leave med school, most just STOP researching. To prove the point, the last time I was in the city, at the hospital, I overheard a director saying to the residents, "Don't just ASSUME. Listen to the patient, hear the story, bookmark it in your head, and then read up on it at home. KEEP reading, never assume you know, everything changes on a dime these days."
This was one of the smartest doctors I've ever had the pleasure of overhearing.
God bless you, whoever you are...please spread the knowledge to the wee lil morons.

Oh and I've spent my time filling out housing assistance applications.
Such FUN, right?!
Of course I'm being sarcastic.

It really is insane, that out of my whole family, I'm the only one who's ever been committed ( to a mental institution- quite a few times) and been diagnosed with a mental disorder- yet I'm the sanest muthafucker in my entire HOUSE! And I'm taking care of everyone.

Now that's INSANE!

Kisses Bitches!
Just keepin' it real!

*photo of my babygirl. It's love at first sight:)

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  1. Yeah, my mom was treated the same way. I'm tired of being treated like an invalid over something that has nothing to do with my IQ in any way. It's like breaking your foot, and having the doctor look your arm over. It's fucking pointless to try and educate them, seeing as however many years of med school they spend copying the asian kids who actually became decent doctors, they seem to gain the massive egos to think that the fancy degree on the wall at all entitles them to talk down to people who are often more intelligent than they are.